Safe Summer Driving

Many people might think that winter poses the most difficult driving conditions, you might be surprised by the challenges summer brings to motorists.

To help you and your vehicle keep your cool as the temperatures start to soar this summer, we’ve pulled together some handy hints and tips.

Feel the Pressure

It’s important during the summer months to regularly check your tyres, if they are damaged or at the wrong pressure, high temperatures can increase the risk of them blowing out. If you’re unsure of what your tyre pressures should be, you can find this information in your vehicle handbook.

Clear Vision

The glare from the sun is a major cause of accidents in the summer as motorist’s vision can be impaired. You can improve your vision by keeping your windscreen clean and by replacing your wipers if they become worn or damaged. It is also a good idea to keep a spare pair of sunglasses in your vehicle and ensure that your windscreen cleaning fluid is kept topped up.

Take a Break

Hot temperatures can make us feel lethargic, so if you’re heading off on a long journey keep a bottle of water in the car so you can remain hydrated, and if you start to feel tired try and stop at a service station for a break and a coffee.

Keep your Cool

Vehicles can often overheat in high temperatures. Make sure coolant fluid levels are topped up regularly and check for wet or white marks on coolant hoses which could indicate a leak. You can also help reduce the chance of overheating by checking that your radiator cap is securely fastened and that there are no leaves or other debris building up in front of your radiator or air-con condenser.

Hayfever Hell

Hay fever tends to strike at this time of the year, and sufferers need to take extra care when driving. Some hayfever medications can make you feel sleepy, so make sure you are taking a non-drowsy version if you are driving. You can also reduce the amount of pollen that gets inside your vehicle by keeping windows shut and by cleaning/vacuuming mats and carpets regularly. Wearing sunglasses can also help to control hayfever symptoms.

Chill Out

Air condition inside your vehicle is a godsend in the hot weather, but remember this also needs to be checked and serviced on a regular basis to ensure that it works effectively. The air-con coolant (known as a re-gas) should be topped up approximately every two years. You may also need an air-con anti-bacterial clean if your system starts to smell, as this is likely to be due to a build-up of liquid and dust.


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