Environmental Education at U-Pull-It York


U-Pull-It, a sister company of Copart UK, specialises in the sale of self-service car parts and car breakers. From its locations in York and Inverkeithing, it provides thousands of breaker vehicles which can be dismantled by customers for parts.

U-Pull-It’s York facility recently hosted a visit from the Environment Agency, to give new inspectors from the Yorkshire area a demonstration on how they depollute a vehicle from start to finish.

There were 18 inspectors onsite to watch the demonstration and have a tour of the facility.

We received this great feedback from the Environment Agency after the event. 

“Thank you for hosting a practical demonstration of the depollution process. The feedback I have received so far is that my colleagues found this a very useful session which enabled them to gain a good understanding of the depollution process. It has really helped that my colleagues were able to see a single vehicle going through the process and were able to ask questions. This is exactly what I intended so a big thank you to you and your staff for enabling this to take place.”

Well done to the team at U-Pull-It York for hosting such a successful event!

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    • Hello Halima,

      I’m afraid that this event took place a couple of months back and the car has now been disposed of.

      Are you interested in finding out more about the depollution process? Or, are you looking to view a selection of breaker cars to dismantle parts from?

      Kind regards,

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