Merry Motoring – Christmas Gift Ideas

shutterstock_755008651Christmas is speeding towards us and if you have a car-lover to find a gift for, we’ve got some great ideas for you.

To give you some inspiration, here are our five favourites – and with most costing under £30, there’s no excuse for not motoring ahead with your purchases!


Know someone who’s always losing their keys?

They’ll thank you for this useful little gadget, which could save them valuable time searching for their keys in the dark winter mornings!

These brilliant Bluetooth gadgets can track keys, phones, wallets – anything they’re attached to – via the companion smartphone app and are surprisingly cheap at around the £20 mark.

Fun Fact: The first car ignition keys that also operated the starter mechanism were introduced by Chrysler in 1949.

Key Finders

Image source: (07/12/2018)



Looking for a gift to give someone a bit of sparkle?

For that stylish someone in your life, a piece of car-themed jewellery would be a unique and special Christmas gift.

From cuff-links to keyrings for men, and necklaces to bracelet charms for women, there are plenty of websites providing a range of options at affordable prices.

Fun Fact: The oldest piece of jewellery known to man is over 100,000 years old and it’s a string of beads made from Nassarius shells, a species of snails living on mud or sand flats.

Car Jewellery

Image source: (07/12/2018)



Know someone who needs a bit of organisation in their life?

A Backseat Organiser is perfect for keeping your car in order with multiple storage pockets to accommodate maps, books and drinks…and is especially useful for kid’s toys and games. Depending on the make, material and size, these can range between £10-£20.

This gift will ensure a tidy car and a stress-free journey, so is bound to tick all the boxes as a gift for a busy parent!

Fun Fact: According to data compiled by Inrix, motorists spend around 31 hours per year stuck in traffic. So, an organiser filled with things to keep the kids occupied could come in very handy!

Back Seat

Image source: (07/12/2018)



After a more practical present?

A thoughtful present for a cautious and careful driver would be an Emergency Car Kit, to help give them peace of mind when driving in winter weather conditions.

There are a wide range of kits available (varying in size) but an essentials kit, containing useful items such as a snow shovel, torch, blanket, high-visibility vest and a set of booster cables should cost around the £25-£30 mark.

Fun Fact: The Toyota Yaris was voted the most reliable car in a recent survey by What Car. In petrol form, the little hatchback proved faultlessly reliable with not one owner reporting any issues.

Emergency Kit

Image source: (07/12/2018)




Know someone who’d love to be a Formula One driver?

If you’re looking to buy for a thrill-seeker, a Racing Car Simulator Experience provides the excitement…but with added safety!

Available from a range of Experience Day providers from as little as £30, this gift allows the recipient to drive virtually and in a range of fast and furious vehicles on famous race tracks including Silverstone, Brands Hatch, and Daytona.

Fun Fact: The average cost of a Formula One car is £6.8 million. And that’s only the price of the basic components…it doesn’t include hundreds of millions spent on development and research!

Driving Simulator

Image source: (07/12/2018)


Hopefully our five favourites have given you some gift inspiration, and you’ll be racing to the shops (or your computer) to make your purchases. And at such reasonable prices, why not treat yourself too?



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