Copart Contributes to 2019 Parliamentary Review

Nigel Paget

We’re delighted to have been recognised as a UK industry leader in The Parliamentary Review 2019.

The annual Parliamentary Review publication combines political content with detailed stories from a wide range of organisations across the UK, outlining their responses to the economic and political challenges of the day, and seeking to inspire all who read them.


The publication features a profile of Copart UK, where Nigel Paget, CEO for Europe, Middle East and Africa discusses our approach to collaboration and partnership, our unique relationship with the UK market and other topics, including:

Partnership, satisfaction and sustainability

Underpinning every step of our processes is one key attribute: partnership.

Our commercial arrangements incentivise us to do the best for our clients in every case, and co-operation and collaboration are thus integral to our model. They allow us to achieve the full market value for each vehicle but also crucially help our customers to improve their internal processes.

Real-time performance and benchmarking facilitate this, as does sharing best practice while protecting proprietary knowledge.

We also ensure that many accident-damaged vehicles are reused and recycled sustainably, and that the rest are disposed of in a responsible manner; 95 per cent of the composite materials of vehicles beyond repair are consequently recycled.

Understanding our buyers

Marketing and technology are two cornerstones of what we do.

Our strategy for the former drives the latter; the technology that underpins our auction system provides us with detailed data intelligence and analytics about each of our buyers.

We recognise who our buyers are across the 108 countries we trade with and how we can reach more of them, while also deeply understanding their bidding behaviours and profiles.

Having sold over three million vehicles in the UK since 2007, we know what buyers want and need. We track preferences and interests to enable specialised marketing – both in terms of what the buyer is looking for and what’s necessary for each vehicle. Our website has had over half a billion unique visitors since 2013, and almost 100 million searches for a vehicle are made on there each year.

Ever-changing legislative environment and inconsistency

The scope of our business subjects us to a vast amount of legislation, including environmental compliance, business and employment regulation, transport legislation and, of course, international trade.

Each of these areas seemingly gets more saturated year on year, with ever-increasing compliance costs.

The uncertainty of Brexit is difficult, too. Inconsistent approaches to managing vehicle movements across Europe and even the application of existing and new legislation affect us. Domestic inconsistency is a real problem, too – statutory bodies and government agencies in the UK do not always take a common approach. It simply isn’t productive.

Greater value in everything we do

We partner with our customers in every endeavour and forever will.

Equally important is continuing to align our commercial goals with our customers. Our business model is second to none when it comes to driving value, and we have fantastic people who love working in the business. Our colleague satisfaction survey results are truly world class.

We are wholly dedicated to our business model, our employees and partnership, and are totally confident that these will continue to underpin everything we do. We want to see more of the same, bringing increasing value to our customers through more innovation.


Executive Director of The Review, Daniel Yossman said that in “bringing together the Prime Minister, leading politicians, and leaders of every sector of the British economy, The Parliamentary Review continues to provide an exceptionally well rounded and astute look at what is happening across the country.”

Nigel Paget, CEO for Europe, Middle East and Africa said: “We are extremely proud that the quality and progressive nature of Copart’s business in the UK has been recognised by our selection for inclusion in the 2019 Parliamentary Review, especially as it highlights the leverage our patented auction technology brings to the market. It also identifies the importance of our partnership approach with all our customers, our global sales reach from the UK and the contribution of our people. We started in the UK 11 years ago and during this time we have come far.”


Read the full article in the Parliamentary Review at:

Click here to read Copart’s Press Release


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