Important Changes to DVLA V5C (Log Book)


From 15th April 2019, a new version of the V5C registration certificate (log book) is being issued by the DVLA.

Following a review in 2016, the document has been re-designed to improve the customer’s experience and simplify the DVLA’s transition to digital.

As a continually innovative and forward-thinking business, we’re very pleased to see these new design changes introduced, which we’re sure will provide great strides forward in improving accuracy for the DVLA and making the process less complicated for customers.

Some of the changes to the document include:

  • ’Don’t share, keep it safe’ wording added to the front cover, to promote security and prevent fraud
  • A multi-coloured guidance section to help make the process easier for customers
  • Enforcement message added to front cover to promote vehicle licencing compliance
  • Change of keeper and change of name or address have been separated to reduce confusion
  • More opportunities are now included to supply contact details
  • Removal of signature boxes – replaced with declarations in red
  • Country of export field added to Section 5
  • Name & address fields removed from Section 6 (new keeper’s slip) to prevent the customer incorrectly returning it to the DVLA

There have also been many other useful changes made throughout the document, including the introduction of data capture boxes, document reference numbers in each section and simplified instructions for customers.

Although any new V5Cs issued from 15th April 2019 will be the new design, the previous version will still be in circulation and will still be considered a valid document.

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