What are the most popular electric cars in the UK?


Last year saw significant growth in the electric car market, with an increasing number of models becoming available as manufacturers continue to improve technology, range and charging time.

Previously, perceived negatives of owning an electric vehicle have included charging time and battery range but we are now starting to see these issues addressed and more models entering the market with faster charge times and impressive ranges of around 300 miles.

With things seemingly going in the right direction, it certainly appears that drivers can instead start to consider the potential benefits of going electrical, which include lower running costs and zero emissions. This could go towards explaining the surge in electric vehicle registrations so far this year. In March 2019, SMMT reported that year-to-date registrations for pure electric vehicles had increased by 53.6% compared to the same period last year.

As the pressure continues to grow on drivers to make the switch to electric, we took a look at five of the UK’s most popular electric cars*.

Jaguar I-Pace: Classic & Comfortable

Jaguar I-Pace

Image: autoexpress.co.uk

The Jaguar I-Pace was the first all-electric Jaguar car and the first electric SUV. The I-Pace retains all the classic Jaguar style along with a comfortable interior space. This model boasts a 298-mile range and can be charged from 0-80% in just 40 minutes with a 100kW socket.

Kia e-Niro: Small but Spacious

Kia e-Niro

Image: autocar.co.uk

This compact crossover is said to have a 282-mile range and can be charged from 0-80% in 54 minutes at 100kW. The other huge selling point for this vehicle is the spacious interior and generous 451-litre boot, providing plenty of extra storage space.

Hyundai Kona Electric: High-Spec Tech

Hyundai Kona Electric

Image: caranddriver.com

Considered by some as a game-changer for electric car technology, the higher spec version offers options including an 8inch touchscreen infotainment system, built-in satnav with live traffic updates and wireless phone charging. And it’s practical too, claiming a 300-mile range on the larger version and a five-door body.

Tesla Model S: Classy Coupe

Tesla Model S

Image: autoblog.com

This classy coupe offers a perfect mix of technology and performance. The optional Tech Pack provides Bluetooth, wi-fi and a permanent 3G data connection, which feeds information into the sat-nav, web browser and audio system. Buyers can choose a 60kW battery with a claimed 208-mile range or an 80kW battery with an impressive 311-mile range.

Nissan Leaf: Smooth & Stable

Nissan Leaf

Image: autoexpress.co.uk

The Nissan Leaf is widely considered to have set the mould for the affordable electric car a decade ago, and it’s now into its second generation. This practical small family car is said to have a 217-mile charge and its low mounted battery is thought to give a stable and smooth drive.

And even for those of us who remain unconvinced about purchasing an electric vehicle, big developments in technology, infrastructure and even the insurance world to support this growing market cannot be denied.  So, who’s been ‘charging’ forward in the electric world?

Taking a new approach to the rapid expansion of charging infrastructure, Volkswagen announced their mobile charging station concept earlier this year, which they claim operate in the same way as a mobile phone power bank  and can be set up independently from the power supply wherever needed – such as in car parks, company premises or at events.

Earlier this year, insurance firm LV= introduced a bespoke car insurance policy for electric cars only, which they claim is a UK first. The policy is said to cover drivers when they run out of charge, sending assistance to take them to the nearest charging point, as well as providing cover for home charging cables, wall boxes and adaptors.

And, Google Maps has recently added new information about charging stations. It is reported that when you search for EV stations or chargers, maps will now show these with EV icons. Users will also be able to see how many chargers are situated at the location and their individual availability in ‘real-time’ – preventing drivers from turning up to a full charging station.

The next 12 months could prove to be another landmark year for the popularity and development of electric vehicles. It will certainly be interesting to see how many more manufacturers, insurance providers and technology companies will introduce new and exciting products tailored for electric vehicle drivers.



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*Based on articles by Auto Express, Alphr and Next Green Car

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