Copart’s new instant imaging app enables rapid Total Loss decisions

Copart driver

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new mobile Transportation App, designed to significantly improve the speed of Total Loss decision making for our insurance customers.

Innovation with a purpose

Developed in conjunction with Copart’s technical innovation teams in the US, the new app provides our team of over 200 Drivers with the ability to digitally record, at point of pick up, critical vehicle information and images, and send this data instantly into the decision-making process.

With seamless integration into our already popular Seller Site platform, customers will be proactively alerted of vehicle collection and where they can utilise damage assessment and engineering data to make the most appropriate Total Loss decision even more rapidly.

Copart UK’s Director of Operations Centres, Transport & Engineering, Phil Briggs, has been instrumental in enabling the UK wide roll-out of this new technology and is already buoyant about the impact:

“We have already begun to see specific examples of this technology accelerating the decision-making process.

With our Drivers now able to use the new app guided imaging in conjunction with its vehicle recording functionality, we have seen instances where decisions are already in progress before the vehicle has completed its journey to our Operations Centre.”

Copart driver using new app

Confidence for customers

Impressively, the new app is also providing a new level of confidence to our insurance customers’ Policy Holders. With instant imaging comes instant re-assurance that that the vehicle condition has been logged accurately, in a fully GDPR compliant manner, and processed within a digitally secure environment.

All this gives the Policy Holder peace of mind that their vehicle is being handled in the most appropriate and professional manner.

Efficiency gains

Given Copart’s collection capability is UK wide, some 260,000 miles of roads, and includes a fleet of over 200 vehicles, logistical improvements were also a key driver for the app’s introduction.

Dynamic job deployment, real-time routing and process efficiencies are all major benefits of the app roll-out, most significantly because they translate directly to customer cost efficiencies and cycle time reductions.

And more to come…

With the initial roll-out now complete we remain ambitious, with Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence firmly within our sights. Copart UK’s IT Director, Iain Wells is confident that this is just the beginning:

“Cutting edge tech is in our DNA at Copart, it always has been since we led the way in internet auctions two decades ago. The launch of our Transportation App is just one of a range of market leading technology projects we are working on and we are continuously enhancing our offering by leveraging the very best of technologies available.”

Given our track record of ‘tech firsts’ and our strong position within the online auction space, it’s clear that the pace of technology innovation goes unabated at Copart!

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