Copart’s specialist teams are ready to handle business disruption from coronavirus

Copart fleet forms part of coronavirus contingency planning

We would like to reassure our customers that we are fully prepared to deal with any further fallout from coronavirus.

Logistical discipline

Handling over 400,000 vehicles on behalf of our customers every year, we have the logistical discipline required to collect, assess, engineer and retail vehicles up and down the UK during crisis situations.

By calling on our vast network of experienced operations centres and purpose-built fleet of over 250 transporters, we can keep services moving; whilst utilising the expertise of rapid Catastrophe Response Teams, who provide support in times of floods and other crisis situations.

UK Managing Director, Jane Pocock, said:

Copart has a continuously reviewed Business Continuity Plan on standby to launch, to ensure our operation continues to function and we uphold our customer responsibilities.

“We welcomed the commitment from the Chancellor in Wednesday’s Budget to take every necessary measure to steer the UK through the coronavirus crisis, as well as the government’s determination to be guided by the science in its decision-making.

“The specific challenges that the coronavirus situation brings for many companies centre around staff and system logistics, but as we own all our operations centres and those who work there are Copart employees, we can manage peaks in demand through centrally controlled decisions and any local issues by simply diverting to another Copart operations centre.”

Contingency planning

Our specialist function teams that support operations are already enabled to work remotely. This enables us to instigate ‘Virtual Team’ contingency plans, including a separate business continuity location which applies whether it’s claims settlement, customer service teams or any supporting function.

Additionally, Jane said being part of the global Copart family acted as a further stabiliser for employees and customers in uncertain times.

“All our UK critical systems are cloud based and are housed in military grade hosting facilities, distributed globally and supported by Copart in both the United States and in India. Our customers can rest assured it will be business as usual despite the potential practical challenges coronavirus may bring.”

Close monitoring

With over 1,100 employees across 18 UK locations, the health and safety of our people is paramount.

Jo Ferguson, Head of UK Human Resources, said:

“We are following the coronavirus situation closely and will be guided by scientific experts. We are monitoring information published by the World Health Organisation and Public Health England and will continue to share regular updates and information with our employees.”

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