Latest Update on Copart and our approach to Covid-19

Covid-19 Update from Jane Pocock, UK Managing Director at Copart

In these unprecedented times, I wanted to provide all our customers from the world of Insurance, Finance, Fleet, Rental and vehicle retail sectors with an update on our business position.

As a national operation, we are currently deemed by the Department of Transport as essential to the UK National Transport Network and intrinsic to the Waste Management / Recycling and Disposal of end of life vehicles. We are respectful of our position and continue to collect vehicles until such time as volumes decline significantly.

Following the Covid-19 advice given by the Prime Minister earlier this week, we have implemented our working from home plans wherever we can to let our team-mates work remotely, but the nature of our business doesn’t allow this with all staff. 

Our transporter drivers and those based at our network of Operations Centres are already socially distanced and have bio security processes in place. They also have a role of managing and protecting the assets at each site. Our Head Office teams are now working remotely and continue to provide essential claims settlement services.

We are in touch with all of our customers and are managing their daily requirements in this rapidly changing environment. We have a crisis management team which meets daily to review the situation and we will continue to keep all our stakeholders informed.

I could not be more proud of how our valued team-mates have responded to this situation and risen to the challenge. It is worrying times and we all need to keep safe while we beat this.

Jane Pocock
UK Managing Director

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